NCAA Eligibility

Confirm Approval Status

To check if the online course you are considering has been approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center, select the course in the DLD catalog and look in the Course Features section.

  1. If the online provider has applied for NCAA approval, a statement will be displayed along with a 6-digit NCAA High School code (CEEB code). (You will need the code during the eligibility search.)
  2. Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center site.
  3. Click the 'Enter Here' button for High School Administrators.
  4. Click the 'List of NCAA Courses' tab.
  5. Enter the NCAA High School code into the 6-digit CEEB/ACT Code field and click the 'Search' button.
  6. Information will display explaining the NCAA approval status of the provider and listing the NCAA-approved courses. Courses taken through the DLD are considered to be taken directly through the online provider because:
    • The curriculum is delivered through the online provider's system by a certificated teacher who is employed by the online provider.
    • The courses are not "purchased and implemented by partnering districts, schools, or other programs."

Suggestions from the NCAA Eligibility Center

The NCAA Eligibility Center offers some practical advice to schools and students using the DLD catalog to help a student's NCAA application flow better through the process.

Schools. Use transparent transcripting practices as much as possible.

  • Include a designation on the transcript that a course was taken online. This can be an indicator or a naming convention within the course description itself, such as "Algebra 2 OL."
  • Retain the course final grade report from the online provider and submit it to the NCAA along with the student's transcript. Make sure the online provider's name and some form of contact information (website, phone, address, or email etc.) are included on the report.
  • Enter the final grade from the online provider on the student's transcript with no modification.

Students. Give full disclosure of the online courses you have taken in your NCAA registration. Make sure you include the online provider's name and the course title.

In the case of a review...

If the NCAA Eligibility Center does need further information about a student's online course, they will most likely send a request to the student. Schools may need to assist the student to request the information from the online provider on the student’s behalf if the student is unable to retrieve that on their own and submit it according to the NCAA’s instructions. Once the complete information is sent to the NCAA, then the NCAA would work with the provider if there are further questions. Schools should make sure to send the final grade report from the online provider with the student's transcript and advise students to fully disclose their online courses on their NCAA registration.