What's Next?

Once you are registered, you will receive information to begin your course on the start date.

Course Confirmation

The school DLD Registrar will let you know key information about your course.

  1. Which course you will be taking and from which provider.
  2. Confirmation of when your course begins and ends.
  3. The name and contact information of your Mentor, the local person who will support you throughout the course in addition to your online teacher.
  4. How and when to access your online courses if you’ll be taking them during the school day.
  5. Onsite orientation date, time and place (if your school offers them).

Course Access

Each DLD online student is provided an email account hosted by www.gaggle.net. It is used primarily to receive the initial welcome, logon and online course orientation information. (Note: DLD Student email accounts expire annually.)

  1. Your school's DLD Registrar will give you the DLD email username and password.
  2. Check your DLD Student email account for a "welcome" email and other instructions from the course provider and/or teacher.


Some course providers require students to complete an orientation before starting the course; others have orientation information available as a resource. The DLD highly recommends that you take the time to orient yourself to your course as soon as possible so nothing important is missed.

Your local school may also offer an onsite orientation to meet you in person, help you login, and make sure you are off to a good start.

Supplemental Books or Materials (if required)

Any textbooks or materials required for your course will be listed in the course catalog. Check with your DLD Registrar to learn if they were ordered during the registration process or whether it is your responsibility to acquire them. If the DLD Registrar ordered them for you, pick them up from your Mentor.