Getting Started: Students

The DLD provides access to hundreds of online courses from OSPI-approved online course providers to all public schools in Washington state. Schools must sign up to participate.

If your school is not listed on the participating schools list, you may be able to register for a course by contacting the online provider directly. Follow these procedures.

If your school is signed up to use DLD courses, follow these steps to learn more and get the most out of this online learning option.

1. Explore

It is important for a student to understand what online learning is like so he or she knows what to expect. Knowing a student's learning style and habits helps to make sure online learning is a good match. In some cases, a student may need to change study habits or arrange extra support to help them be more successful.

2. Choose

These links will help with the course selection process, but it’s a good idea to check in with your school counselor for guidance. S/he can advise you on which courses work best with your academic plan and school requirements.

3. Register

  • Check the calendar for registration dates.
  • Follow your school’s registration process to submit your online course request. If you are not sure what the process is, see your school's DLD Registrar or school counselor.

4. Start

Once you are registered, you will receive information to begin your course on the start date.

  • What happens next? Check here for details regarding the course confirmation, course access, orientation and supplemental materials (if required.)