Practices for Success

Interview Process

In May 2012, we began a project to study online student performance and determine key success factors. The approach was to interview full and part-time programs from thirteen school districts across the state and three online course providers. The participants represented small, medium, and large programs. The questions focused on preparation, teaching, support, curriculum, and overall reflection.

In the analysis of responses from this diverse group, we identified some themes, innovative practices, and lessons learned. They are represented within the website along with access to other helpful resources in order to share practices for success among the online learning community and improve online student performance.

Practices for Success

Thank you

The Digital Learning Department thanks the interview participants for their time and in-depth responses. The contributions made the outcomes of this study beneficial for day-to-day practice as well as envisioning the future. Interview response summaries are included within this website, so the participants are not listed by name to keep schools and districts from being individually identifiable; however, we are grateful for their partnership and collaboration.

The outcomes include:

  • Refinement of online student support information on the DLD website and the creation of this resource
  • Refinement of online course support orientation and training materials on the DLD website
  • Providing a lens to review online provider approval criteria
  • Ideas to consider for future program and system development
  • Suggestions for legislative rule changes

Susan Canaga, Support Manager
Leslie St. Pierre, Manager of Online Providers
Karl Nelson, Director